Are you ready for 2018?

Happy New Year Everyone!! Looking back at  2017  I realized how much a person can grow in 365 days. I have received many messages asking how is it possible to change for the better and how is this done, so on Instagram, I asked if you wanted me to talk about how we can achieve our dreams and most of you voted Yes!  First of all, there is something to consider while trying to succeed in life.

I want to start by telling you a short experience:  three years ago I got to the point of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. It was a weird phase that I experienced. I wanted to know what my passions really were and what made me feel alive. So one day, while using Pinterest, I thought about creating a private board to “pin” all the images that made me feel alive, I dont know, it was kind of an exercise to discover my passions. I remembered I let my mind to go beyond my craziest dreams. While I was choosing the images, I started to notice my interest and love for fashion, reading, writing and interacting with people. Then, I wrote in my journal what I could do  to surround myself in environments I had on my board in Pinterest. It is equally important to mention that I prayed with an open heart to receive answers to my questions of how could I accomplish it. Furthermore, I started to think about creating a blog. When I thought about it, I got very excited, my heart started to beat faster and faster  when I thought about that.  I didn’t know what I was going to talk about, but something I had for sure; I had a strong desire to help others somehow or create a page where others can feel identified… A page where I could feel identified as well.  Moreover, I chose a career related to the study of society. It is crazy how passionate I am while studying different cultures and how my career can make an impact on the lives of groups of people.

Through all the process I started to discover myself, I began to meet incredible people that became an example to me. I received support from my parents and my closest friends. But I would never receive any support if I wouldn’t talk about my desires, ideas, and plans.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it is very important to recognize what your desires and passions are! They give purpose and meaning to your life. It is the gate to create the life you dream to live in! In the last book I read named Think and Grow Rich  (I recommend everyone to read it), the author talks about the power of desire. We as human beings have the capacity to go beyond our limits, correction, to go beyond our imaginative limits. Because there are no limits in life!  If you want to imagine yourself having your own business, a successful marriage, a beautiful family,  a big house with a pool in it, a work job while traveling the world,  becoming an astronaut, learnning 3 languages (or more), or being rich you can do it! As the author says, “when we have a burning desire…We can turn it into gold”.  Can you imagine knowing that every dream and every intangible impulse of thought can be changed into material rewards?

The next step is to have faith on that burning desire to achieve your goals. Do you think we can accomplish our goals if we don’t even believe in them or ourselves? Not even. Faith is a belief that something is going to happen even when we don’t see it. Oprah was fired from her evening news reporter job and she was told that  she was “unfit for television news.” But her burning desire to work on television did not stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Her faith was the driving force to keep moving forward towards her desire.  All the successful people had faith in their work and in themselves. If you feel it is hard to have faith in yourself, I recommend you to “fake it ’till you make it”… And you’ll make it.

In addition, creating an organized planning with specific steps will lead you to your goals. Always surround yourself with inspiring people that have a wider knowledge of what you want to accomplish. If you feel that you do not know anybody, you can know people through books, conferences or documentaries. Furthermore, you always attract what you are.

Moreover, persistence is the key to perfection and fulfilling. It is like a diamond. A diamond is a diamond after the pure carbon is being exposed to extreme heat and pressure. It turns the pure carbon into colorless diamond crystals 100 miles or more below the Earth’s surface. It is inevitable that we feel discouraged or tempted to give up our dreams, maybe through the journey we realize our goals are hard to accomplish, but what kind of growth and perfection are we acquiring if all the things come easy? Practically none.

In conclusion, your desires can be changed into gold. When we put  our faith in practice with persistence, what our hearts desire is transmuted into material rewards.

Do you think it is possible?

I would love to know your experiences! If you have other important tips the comment section is at the top on the right side of the post!

May your 2018 be filled with love, accomplishments, and giving! xoxo

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