How to Build Self-Confidence

Hello, beauties! Self-confidence is a delicate subject that we must be willing to talk about. I feel more than happy to write about it and give you a huge dose of self-love through this post.

For those who do not follow me on Instagram (@laurabretonf), a couple of weeks ago I made a poll about the topic you would like to see on the next blog post and the majority wanted a post dedicated to tips on self-confidence♥

Self-confidence is the key to live a meaningful life. Self-confidence is a feeling of assurance about yourself and your abilities, it lets us be the architect of our own future and happiness, it is taking charge of your negative feelings and telling them: “You know what? I am amazing and none of you (the feelings) are going to tear me down”. When we think about lack of self-confidence we kind of relate fear; fear of “what other people might think if I do this or I do that”. But if we really dive into ourselves we would understand that the only person responsible for your own feelings it’s no one but yourself.

 These tips I am about to give you, are to put it in practice. I hope this tip will increase that confidence inside of you♥



How to be more confident?

  1. Get away from toxic people. Surround yourself with people who make you grow, who believe in you. We are all influenced by the people we are with. Look around and count the 5 closest people that you spend more time with and see if they give you positive energy most of the time. Some people are tired of life or their topics are always related to gossip about others… That’s not healthy. Sometimes our families are the ones who make us doubt about ourselves, sometimes it is our “closest” friends… I urge you to talk to them (if that’s the case) and tell them how you feel with certain comments and if they really love you, they will change; otherwise, you do not need them. Surround yourself with optimistic people who aspire you to become a better person, people who love life, who laugh and want the best for you.

       2.    Write daily on a paper (preferably in your diary) three things that you did well through the day or three situations where you succeed at. For example 1. Today I called (or visited her) my grandma and she was happy that I called (or visited), 2. Today at work I resolved a problem, 3. Today I applied for the job I wanted, and so on… As simple as it may seem you this little lists every day will help you focus on your greatness and what are you capable to do♥. Also remember what makes you YOU, remember, nobody can’t be you Appreciate who you are.

     3. Fake it till you make it. Confidence is a lifetime process that needs to be worked on every day. How? GETTING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You know that feeling of fear when you have to do something but you kind of try to avoid the issue cuz you feel insecure to accomplish it? Well, those are the times when you HAVE TO FAKE IT and DO IT. Cuz you know what? Most of the time you feel scared about the things that might excite us and THOSE THINGS are the ones that can make you grow, maybe that is what your heart really desires. Fake your “good communication skills” when you have to make a presentation, fake your “amazing confidence” to talk to other ppl. Eventually, you will believe you really can and will be more confident!! Do something that scares you once a day and then you will see. Be aware of your body language as well, think that you are confident and project it!

     4. Look for solutions. STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM. Your fears are not worth your energy. Spend that energy in executing. Make the most of what you already have and take advantage of it. Furthermore, IGNORE NEGATIVITY. I want to make this clear, I do not mean to hide the negativity to but turn it into something beautiful. Everything we have inside, good or bad, is useful and beautiful. From a bullied girl in elementary school (and the beginning of high school) I know what it feels to be ignored, alone, not appreciated from people that for some reason wanted to make you feel miserable, literally. I got very insecure during that time. Thank God I got to be surrounded by an amazing friend who taught me to IGNORE. JUST IGNORE. When you ignore negativity, it DOES NOT have power over you. When I started ignoring those people’s comments, I literally took charge of my own feelings and started having POWER. And you know what? Those who bullied me stopped going after me to make me feel bad, cuz they could not make me feel bad anymore. Furthermore, this is just an example, negativity comes in a lot of ways; depression, anxiety, fears, etc.  I urge you to detect them and know “your own negativities” and IGNORE THEM to turn them to something beautiful. Period.

   5. Learn from your failures. EVERYONE, even the most successful or confident people have dealt with failures and lack of self-confidence. I remember years ago when I had to play violin in front of EVERYBODY. Short story short, when I played the violin, one of the strings broke while playing in front of hundreds of people. I did horrible (obviously) and couldn’t finish the song. I felt mad and ashamed, people laughed at me and said I was not good enough. Having these types of experiences at a vulnerable age (I was 12) can be devastating and I said to myself I would never play the violin again.  At that time, (I am a book addict) I read a quote that said that we could not let our negative experiences to be the last experience. So, I said to myself “My last experience playing violin cannot be that one”, so in another presentation, I played the SAME SONG I had to play when I was 12 in front of a lot of people and I did it amazing! I felt so proud of myself. This experience changed my way of thinking and I hope this tip change yours too. Don’t let ANYONE decide from you, don’t let ANYONE tell you who you are… It’s your duty to figure it out by yourself. Ponder what you want to accomplish and how to do it. BE YOUR own BOSS. You are worthy of self and other people appreciation, DO NOT define yourself by your failures but for what you learned and your genuine intention towards it.  Are you ready to learn and face those failures and make them a victory?  Remember you are your human laboratory, be ready to experiment failures and learn from it.

     6. Stop comparing yourself to others. We always think the grass is greener on the other side. Let’s start talking about social media: you go on Instagram and all you see are people happy about their life, buying stuff, visiting a bunch of places, traveling around the world…and you get depressed because your life is not as good as the others, bla bla bla… But let me tell you something… They just show the good side of their lives, all of us do. You do not know how much they worked to be able to afford their lifestyle, how much they sacrifice to graduate from college or to learn the skills they show on social media, and so on. You can use social media as a positive inspiration (depending on the accounts you follow) or a space to compare yourself ( or even get jealous), to feel worthless and do not recognize the good things God is already offering your life. Embrace the opportunity you have to come to this earth and DO YOU!  While you are doing YOU, you will not be thinking about other peoples life.

  And the last tip;

    7. EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE. Embrace your failures, your victories, your personality… It’s your identity and no one can take it away from you. No one is YOU and that’s your power! We are a “work in process”. Take control of your life and own it! It doesn’t matter your past, where you come from or what people think of you. It doesn’t matter because you are the one in charge to turn your past as a real motor for your success. We all have the opportunity to change for the better, if you think your behavior is not in harmony with who you want to be, I invite you to work on yourself to be your best version♥

    I was writing this post a lot of ideas came to my mind and I think I did not write them all in this post because I didn’t want it to make it too long. If you like this post PLEASE like and comment in the comment section and tell me if you want the second part! It would be more than a pleasure to keep writing about this!

Are you ready to work on your confidence? I hope you have an amazing working on this!








A Summer Look


Hello!! How are you doing? I hope you are having an amazing day surrounded by your loved ones and achieving your dreams. These last weeks have been amazing. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to my beautiful home, The Dominican Republic. I visited my family and spent time roaming around the beautiful nature. Currently, I am back in Montreal and excited for this warm, sunny kind of rainy weather. It feels (almost) like summer!

In this post I’m sharing this super comfy summer look that I am obseesed with! Best part is, it’s not expensive at all. I found these items at Forever XXI . I love these pants and I can confirm that they are perfect for the summer!  I matched these soft and fresh pants with a simple white shirt, platform shoes, and a pretty basket bag. These basket bags are trendying right know and you can find them in stores like Zara, ForeverXXI, H&M or in online websites like Etsy and Amazon.

What do you think about this look? Are you ready for Summer?

I hope you’re having and amazing week!


¡¡Hola!! ¿Como están? Espero que estén pasando un día increíble rodeado de tus seres queridos y logrando tus sueños. Estas últimas semanas han sido increíbles. Hace un par de semanas atrás tuve la hermosa oportunidad de ir a RD (República Dominicana) para pasar tiempo con mi familia. Ahora estoy de vuelta en Montreal y agradecida por este clima cálido y soleado. ¡Se siente como (casi) como verano!

¡En este post les enseño este look súper cómodo de verano con el que me estoy obsesionada! Lo mejor de todo es que encontré estas piezas en Forever XXI (para nada caro). Estos pantalones son super cómodos y puedo decirles que son perfectos para el verano, también son muy suaves y frescos. Los combiné con una camisa blanca, zapatos de plataforma y una cartera tipo canasta que se están usando mucho últimamente. Estas carteras las pueden encontrar en tiendas como Zara, ForeverXXI, H&M o en sitios web como Etsy y Amazon.

¿Qué opinas de este look? ¿Ya están list@s para el verano?

Abrazo gigante! xoxo

2018-05-16 04.00.14 2.jpg

2018-05-16 03.59.36 1.jpg

2018-05-18 04.30.20 4.jpg

2018-05-16 03.59.09 2.jpg


Chic but Not Too Chic

Hello everyone, and for those who are visiting for the first time, welcome to Callitfreedom. ♥ I have been obsessed with pink lately. It is such a fresh color; it really projects serenity and positivity.

I went to a beautiful café, called Melisse, to take these pictures because I wanted the surroundings to match the look. It is a place where you can literally escape from your everyday routine. You can go with your friends, have a nice conversation and eat great food. The owner was a sweetheart and gave us permission to take all the pictures we wanted!

Furthermore, This is a chic and comfy look. It portrays a spring vibe that I really love. This is a look you can use for work or for a girls night out. The jacket is formal. However, those blue with white lines pants make them look more casual without losing any style. What do you think? For what occasion would you wear this look?

Ps. I want to leave a little quote for you guys♥  

“Everyday may not be a good day but there is good in everyday”

I hope you have an amazing week!♥


Hola a todos y  para quienes visitan la pagina por primera vez, vbienvenid@s a Callitfreedom.♥ Últimamente he estado obsesionada con el rosado, es un color tan fresco; me gusta que proyecta serenidad y positivismo. Hace un tiempo atrás fui a este hermoso café para tomar estas fotos porque quería que el entorno donde estuviera y el look tuvieran el mismo estilo. Tomamos las fotos en un café en el centro de Montreal llamado Melisse.  Es perfecto para darte una escapadita de los ajetreos cotidianos para tener una agradable conversación y probar buena comida con tus amigos o queridos. ¡La dueña fue muy amable y nos dio permiso para tomar todas las fotos que queríamos en ese lugar!

Por otro lado, este look es bien primaveral. Me encantan los diferentes tonos rosados con este pantalón azul marino con rayas blancas que le dan un aspecto más casual sin perder nunca el estilo. Este es un look que puede usar para trabajar o pasar una agradable velada con amigos ¿Qué piensas de este look? ¿Para qué ocasión lo usarías?


Ps. Quiero dejar una pequeña cita para ustedes ♥

“No todos los días pueden ser buenos, pero siempre hay cosas buenas en todos los dias”

¡Espero que  pasen una increíble semana! ♥

2018-04-17 04.27.29 1.jpg

2018-05-01 06.21.34 1.jpg

2018-05-01 06.17.26 1.jpg

2018-05-01 07.25.51 1.jpg

2018-05-01 06.21.13 1.jpg



Unique Wooden Watch for Spring




UNIQUE EVERYWHERE YOU GO. I love how a watch can style and upgrade a look. It gives authenticity to anything you wear. I also love how a unique accessory can express our personality, and JORD’s wooden watch is a perfect example. In this post, I am using the Koa & Rose Gold watch. It is perfect for any occasion. Moreover, it matches with any look.

On the other hand, I want to tell you how much I love watches. Personally, they are a reminder that I have to keep moving and never stop. That’s what watches do. It doesn’t matter what is happening on the outside, they will keep moving, all day long. For me, a watch can be a lifetime lesson. If we feel scared, down, or self-doubting, we can get up and decide to keep moving forward despite the negative thoughts, the kind of thinking that will not help us to reach our goals. xoxo


I want you to be part of this beautiful opportunity to have your own JORD watch!! So I teamed up with JORD WATCHES to give you a chance to win a USD $100 Code to shop your favorite watch on

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This GIVEAWAY will close on May 13th, 2018. The winner will be selected randomly. Good Luck!♥♥


ÚNIC@  DONDEQUIERA QUE VAYAS. Me encanta cómo un reloj puede dar estilo y  autenticidad a todo lo que llevas puesto. También me encanta cómo un accesorio único puede expresar nuestra personalidad, y el reloj de la marca JORD es un ejemplo perfecto. En este post, estoy usando el reloj Koa & Rose Gold y me encanta porque se puede usar  para cualquier ocasión.

Por otro lado, quiero expresarles mi amor por los relojes. Personalmente, ellos son un recordatorio de que debo seguir moviéndome y nunca detenerme. Eso es lo que hacen los relojes. No importa lo que esté sucediendo en el exterior, ellos se mantienen en movimiento todo el día. Para mí, un reloj puede ser una lección de vida. Si nos sentimos asustados, deprimidos o con dudas, podemos elegir levantarnos y  seguir avanzando a pesar de los pensamientos negativos. Este tipo de pensamiento que nos llevará a realizar nuestras metas.


2018-04-15 08.33.58 7.jpg


2018-04-15 09.00.48 4.jpg


2018-04-15 08.23.59 8.jpg


2018-04-14 03.59.10 7.jpg





Spring Vibes

Hello everyone! I am so glad to write this post for you guys, I am more than happy to read your comments and get closer to each one of you. Since my last post, I have been studying and being part of a fashion show (such a beautiful experience which I will talk more about it later on!).

Furthermore, I cannot believe it is spring already! It is getting warmer, the sun is shinning even more, the snow hopefully will thaw soon (as soon as possible pleasee!) and my favorite part, the flowers will bloom. If you live in the Quebec province, I know it’s sad to say, but you as me too, will have to wait a little bit longer to actually feel the spring weather. Thus, for this post I tried to combine the spring season in this end-of-winter weather and try to make it look warm and fresh at the same time!

In this look, I am wearing a turtle neck shirt, a pair of loose pants that I am in love with, black boots that basically goes with everything and a beret that matches my pants. Moreover, what really upgrades the look is this beautiful faux-fur pink coat! I love how fancy and elegant this coat makes you look, no matter how simple your outfit is. This coat had saved my life so many times! For me, it is a “must” in my closet!

I hope you enjoy this pictures so you can have more beautiful outfit ideas with the clothes you already have!!  I hope you enjoy this spring season and the opportunity to have meaningful experiences with you loved ones!  Have an amazing week!♥

ps. I do not really have a season preference but I want to know more about you! What is your favorite season?



¡Hola a todos! Estoy muy feliz de escribir esta publicación para ustedes. Desde mi última publicación, he estado estudiando y fui parte de un desfile de modas (una experiencia increible de la que hablaré más adelante).

¡Wao, no puedo creer que ya sea primavera! Se está calentando, el sol está brillando por más tiempo, la nieve con suerte se descongelará pronto (¡lo antes posible, por favor!) Y mi parte favorita, las flores florecerán. Si vives en la provincia de Quebec, sé que es triste decirlo, pero tú, como yo también, tendemos que esperar un poco más para sentir realmente el clima primaveral. Por lo tanto, para este post, traté de combinar la temporada de primavera en este clima de fin de invierno e intentar que se vea cálido y fresco al mismo tiempo.

En este post, llevo un sueter cuello de tortuga, unos pantalones sueltos que me encantan, unas botas negras que básicamente van con todo y una boina que combina con mi pantalon para armonizar el atuendo. ¡Encuentro que lo que le da un “upgrade” al look es este hermoso abrigo rosa de piel sintética! Me encanta lo elegante que este abrigo te hace lucir sin importar cuán simple sea tu atuendo. ¡Este abrigo me ha salvado la vida tantas veces! ¡Para mí, es un “must” en mi armario!

¡Espero que estas fotos te puedan dar ideas de como armar tu outfit con la ropa que ya tienes y que en esta primavera  tengas experiencias significativas con tus seres queridos! ♥

¡Realmente no tengo una temporada favorita, pero quiero saber más sobre ti! ¿Cuál es tu estacion favorita?

Feliz dia!  xoxoxo

2018-03-21 09.40.02 1.jpg

2018-03-21 10.06.49 1.jpg

2018-03-21 09.36.43 1.jpg

2018-03-21 09.54.05 1.jpg

2018-03-21 09.45.31 1.jpg

Are you ready for 2018?

Happy New Year Everyone!! Looking back at  2017  I realized how much a person can grow in 365 days. I have received many messages asking how is it possible to change for the better and how is this done, so on Instagram, I asked if you wanted me to talk about how we can achieve our dreams and most of you voted Yes!  First of all, there is something to consider while trying to succeed in life.

I want to start by telling you a short experience:  three years ago I got to the point of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. It was a weird phase that I experienced. I wanted to know what my passions really were and what made me feel alive. So one day, while using Pinterest, I thought about creating a private board to “pin” all the images that made me feel alive, I dont know, it was kind of an exercise to discover my passions. I remembered I let my mind to go beyond my craziest dreams. While I was choosing the images, I started to notice my interest and love for fashion, reading, writing and interacting with people. Then, I wrote in my journal what I could do  to surround myself in environments I had on my board in Pinterest. It is equally important to mention that I prayed with an open heart to receive answers to my questions of how could I accomplish it. Furthermore, I started to think about creating a blog. When I thought about it, I got very excited, my heart started to beat faster and faster  when I thought about that.  I didn’t know what I was going to talk about, but something I had for sure; I had a strong desire to help others somehow or create a page where others can feel identified… A page where I could feel identified as well.  Moreover, I chose a career related to the study of society. It is crazy how passionate I am while studying different cultures and how my career can make an impact on the lives of groups of people.

Through all the process I started to discover myself, I began to meet incredible people that became an example to me. I received support from my parents and my closest friends. But I would never receive any support if I wouldn’t talk about my desires, ideas, and plans.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it is very important to recognize what your desires and passions are! They give purpose and meaning to your life. It is the gate to create the life you dream to live in! In the last book I read named Think and Grow Rich  (I recommend everyone to read it), the author talks about the power of desire. We as human beings have the capacity to go beyond our limits, correction, to go beyond our imaginative limits. Because there are no limits in life!  If you want to imagine yourself having your own business, a successful marriage, a beautiful family,  a big house with a pool in it, a work job while traveling the world,  becoming an astronaut, learnning 3 languages (or more), or being rich you can do it! As the author says, “when we have a burning desire…We can turn it into gold”.  Can you imagine knowing that every dream and every intangible impulse of thought can be changed into material rewards?

The next step is to have faith on that burning desire to achieve your goals. Do you think we can accomplish our goals if we don’t even believe in them or ourselves? Not even. Faith is a belief that something is going to happen even when we don’t see it. Oprah was fired from her evening news reporter job and she was told that  she was “unfit for television news.” But her burning desire to work on television did not stopped her from pursuing her dreams. Her faith was the driving force to keep moving forward towards her desire.  All the successful people had faith in their work and in themselves. If you feel it is hard to have faith in yourself, I recommend you to “fake it ’till you make it”… And you’ll make it.

In addition, creating an organized planning with specific steps will lead you to your goals. Always surround yourself with inspiring people that have a wider knowledge of what you want to accomplish. If you feel that you do not know anybody, you can know people through books, conferences or documentaries. Furthermore, you always attract what you are.

Moreover, persistence is the key to perfection and fulfilling. It is like a diamond. A diamond is a diamond after the pure carbon is being exposed to extreme heat and pressure. It turns the pure carbon into colorless diamond crystals 100 miles or more below the Earth’s surface. It is inevitable that we feel discouraged or tempted to give up our dreams, maybe through the journey we realize our goals are hard to accomplish, but what kind of growth and perfection are we acquiring if all the things come easy? Practically none.

In conclusion, your desires can be changed into gold. When we put  our faith in practice with persistence, what our hearts desire is transmuted into material rewards.

Do you think it is possible?

I would love to know your experiences! If you have other important tips the comment section is at the top on the right side of the post!

May your 2018 be filled with love, accomplishments, and giving! xoxo

ps. Here there is a recap from my 2017 posts♥




EV (40 of 136).jpg


















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WhatsApp Image 2017-12-29 at 10.49.09 AM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-28 at 4.26.01 PM (1).jpeg

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

…and we still celebrating! How are you? I hope you had a great time on Christmas!

I spent Christmas in a countryside named Caña de Palma in the province of Santiago Rodriguez with my family. We were surrounded by coconut trees, cows, horses and beautiful rivers. The electricity does not even work there. If you go to my Instagram (you’ll find it in the left side of the website or HERE) you will see a little bit more of what I am talking about! Moreover, I can’t believe how fast this year went! I remember last year when I was doing my new year’s resolution of 2017! Now, I can look back and take into account all the goals accomplished and how wonderful this year was. I invite you to take an hour (minimum) to ponder about the things you accomplished this year, and the things you have in mind to accomplish. Everything starts with a desire, it only takes faith, actions according to that desire and persistence. The law of attraction will act automatically. Do you believe in that?

In this post I will share with you two looks that I found in Gram Fashion boutique. If you are following me since the beginning you’ll realize how much I love this store! Every time I visit the Dominican Republic I always go there. I hope you like the looks!

Wishing you from the bottom of my heart a happy new year! I hope you never stop dreaming and getting closer to your most deepest desires.

What are your plans for new year’s eve? Did you like these looks? xoxoxo


… y todavía estamos celebrando! ¿Cómo están? ¡Espero que la hayan pasado muy bien en Navidad!

Yo pasé la Navidad en un campo llamado Caña de Palma  ubicado en la provincia de Santiago Rodríguez con mi familia. Estábamos rodeados de árboles de coco, vacas, caballos y hermosos ríos. La electricidad ni siquiera funciona allí. Si vas a mi Instagram (lo encontrarás en el lado izquierdo del sitio web o AQUÍ) ¡verás un poco más de lo que estoy hablando! ¡Además, no puedo creer lo rápido que fue este año! ¡Recuerdo el año pasado cuando estaba haciendo la resolución de mi nuevo año de 2017! Ahora, puedo mirar hacia atrás y tener en cuenta todas las metas logradas y lo maravilloso que fue este año. Los invito a tomarse una hora (como mínimo) para reflexionar sobre las cosas que lograron este año y las cosas que tienen en mente para lograr y escribirlas en un lugar donde la puedan ver todos los días. Todo comienza con un deseo, solo requiere fe, acciones de acuerdo con ese deseo y persistencia. La ley de atracción actuará automáticamente. ¿Creen en eso?

En este post compartiré con ustedes dos looks que encontré en la boutique de Gram Fashion. Si me sigues desde el principio, te darás cuenta de lo mucho que amo esta tienda. Cada vez que visito República Dominicana siempre voy allí. ¡Espero que te gusten los outfits!

¡Les deseo desde el fondo de mi corazón un feliz año nuevo! Espero que nunca dejen de soñar y de acercarse a sus más profundos deseos.

¿Cuáles son sus planes para la víspera de año nuevo? ¿Les gustaron estos looks? xoxoxo


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WhatsApp Image 2017-12-28 at 4.26.01 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-29 at 10.44.15 AM.jpeg


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WhatsApp Image 2017-12-30 at 12.42.42 PM.jpeg