Marquee Noir


Photographer Nathan Bisaillon

Hello everyone! 

This week’s post I would like to share something meaningful to me and I hope it will be the same for you. We all have the desire to help others, but most of us don’t know how. In this article I will talk about a brand that cares and gives back to people in need. They also invite others to be part of their initiative. I feel grateful to be part of  Marquee Noir’s  beautiful project. 

Marquee Noir is a clothing brand based in Toronto that focuses on individuality and expression. Most pieces are based on minimalism offering clean versatile aesthetics which enables garments to be “dressed up” or “dressed down” depending on the setting and whether going for a more street-wear look verses something more contemporary or preppy.  Their main point is to provide their customers with high quality clothing and exceptional customer service (I am saying based on my experience). They have a great costumer care team, and I really enjoyed to get to know more about their brand.

What I love the most about this brand is that they understand the importance of taking care of our planet and to make a positive change in people’s life. With every purchase one tree gets planted in Canada, specifically in British Columbia in an effort to sustain the environment and preserve its scarce resources. Isn’t that incredible?   But I have not finished yet, they also donate clothes to shelters in Toronto, you can also donate your clothes to them (those that you will not be using any longer), to help those people with less income. What an incredible opportunity to give back! 

You can buy with this Promo Code “callitfreedom” to get 15% off in your purchase!

I will leave you their website so you can be part of this change in the world!–>                                                                                                                                                  MARQUE NOIR

Lend a hand to one another
In the daily toil of life;
When we meet a weaker brother,
Let us help him in the strife.
There is none so rich but may, 
In his turn, be forced to borrow;
And the poor man’s lot to-day
May become our own to-morrow.













3 thoughts on “Marquee Noir

  1. Hey!

    I love your blog. I think you’re so pretty and photogenic. I don’t usually use these type of clothes but the way you show it makes me want to wear it.

    Thank you! You inspire me.

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