Hello beauties!  How are you?  I hope you are enjoying your days of summer! It is such a beautiful time to go outside and to discover some beautiful places with family and friends!

This week I’m going to show you this Boho-chic look that I love. The style expresses itself as freedom, harmony and nature.

Every person has its own style and personality, and what I love about fashion is that you can express yourself by the way you dress.

The Bohemian or “Boho” as we often refer it, is a style of dressing that got popular during the 1960’s. They were travelers or refugees from central Europe. In the 1990’s this style came up again being associated with Sienna Miller and Kate Olsen’s style.

I love bohemian style, on the other hand, I chose to wear something chic and elegant with it. This is a mix that match perfectly if you want to look bohemian but stylish at the same time, so I wore a tight jean, high heels and that elegant bag.

This boho top I found it in Forever XXI, they are on sale right know and you can find beautiful (and not expensive) bohemian details!

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Any questions or comments can be made freely in the option at the beginning of the publication on the right side.

I hope you have a great week! Xoxo

Cardigan: Forever XXI

Jeans: Dynamite

High Heels: Chase&Chloe

bag: PRADA

Accessories: CallitSpring
















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