New Beginnings



Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great beginning of the week!

This week I want to share with you something I when through that may help you at some point during your life. This post is about New Beginnings. You might have experienced starting a new school, new career, new job, new challenges, new place to live, etc.. It can be exciting, adventurous and fun, but at the same time we might have doubts, fears and or feel discouraged.

A couple of months ago I decided to move to this beautiful country, Canada (I am excited to show some of my favorite places from the city of Montreal). I was very excited about the idea of living independently in another country, far away from parents, and being self sufficient in everything . With time, I realized how hard beginnings are. Sometimes we do not get what we are waiting for, we could get impatient because we are not growing or seeing any progression, we might think our efforts are not sufficient enough, or we might lose our faith… In those situations it is important to realize that we can go further. I learned how wounds can turn into wisdom, pain into power, doubts into knowledge, fear into courage and confidence and weakness into strength.

Beginnings are the kind of situations that bring out the best in us, they are new chances to think and work for the future, for the future you want.

Photographer Daphnée Gemme ♥

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I have been there myself many times. But I have learn to get closer to my Heavenly Father and to trust on him and not my instincts. I have notice you have a great talent in writing, have you think about becoming a writer?

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree with you, when we learn to get closer to our Heavenly Father we feel peace, protection and guidance.
      And thank you for the compliment, that is very nice of you 😀 I would like to write a book in the future! We’ll see what happen! have a nice rest of your day 🙂

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