Classy in 2017



Happy new year everyone! I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful time with your beloved ones! This is a new year full of new experiences and excitement for what is coming. It is a new page, a new beginning. It is also an especial occasion to recapitulate what we had accomplished and what we are going to do to keep learning and growing.
Last year experienced so many changes, I learned to be more independent, confident and to overcome my fears, but most important of all, I could see the hands of God in every good and bad situation I faced. I could see how God had refined me to become what He wants me to be little by little and how I got to know so many beautiful people with a big heart. It was a year of blessings.
Even though some people had a difficult year, I see how it prepares the way to embrace and make the most of 2017. A way to make the most of this year is setting goals that can help us become the person we’ve always wanted to be.
As I set personal goals, I have learned it is important to considerate some things, such as:
-Spiritual growth
-Citizenship and social skills
-physical growth
And… it is always good to see our everyday progress, that will motivate us to enjoy the journey.
On the other hand, I want to share with you this beautiful look that I LOVE. ! I love how this beautiful black lace top matches this flawless red wine skirt. I love how classy and elegant it is. I love the definition of classy, it shows how sure you are that you are valuable as a woman without revealing everything, it is being confident in who you are and how you can use your best qualities in your favor.

What do you think about the whole outfit? xoxo

Earrings: GLOBO

Top: Maison Coupé


Shoes: Sofia Vergara







PHOTOGRAPHER  Maria Fernanda Valdivia

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