New Beginnings



Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great beginning of the week!

This week I want to share with you something I when through that may help you at some point during your life. This post is about New Beginnings. You might have experienced starting a new school, new career, new job, new challenges, new place to live, etc.. It can be exciting, adventurous and fun, but at the same time we might have doubts, fears and or feel discouraged.

A couple of months ago I decided to move to this beautiful country, Canada (I am excited to show some of my favorite places from the city of Montreal). I was very excited about the idea of living independently in another country, far away from parents, and being self sufficient in everything . With time, I realized how hard beginnings are. Sometimes we do not get what we are waiting for, we could get impatient because we are not growing or seeing any progression, we might think our efforts are not sufficient enough, or we might lose our faith… In those situations it is important to realize that we can go further. I learned how wounds can turn into wisdom, pain into power, doubts into knowledge, fear into courage and confidence and weakness into strength.

Beginnings are the kind of situations that bring out the best in us, they are new chances to think and work for the future, for the future you want.

Photographer Daphnée Gemme ♥

White And Blue

EV (40 of 136).jpg

Good evening everyone! How are you? I am so happy to write this post for you guys, I am also happy to share this beautiful look with you. These pictures where taken months ago in the beautiful city of Santiago, Dominican Republic. I remember it was so hot outside, that I was carrying a couple of water bottles with me the whole time… And in less than thirty minutes the water got as hot as the weather, but I enjoyed every second of that day. One of the things that I enjoyed the most was that these pictures were taken in a peaceful place surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. I am a fan of peace. Peace is freedom from conflict and turmoil, is that inner calmness that comes when you align yourself to the goodness of your spirit. It is so important to take time to enjoy the silence, to ponder about everything that happens in our live, to think about what we must keep and what we should let go of to become happier. I hope we all can find serenity and harmony in our every day life.

This week I share this casual look that is perfect for any occasion, such as family reunions, meetings with friends, celebrations, etc. I am very in love with the mosaic details of this beautiful pair of pants. I also fell in love with this white lace top, and to finish this look I could not forget about this beautiful Louis Vuitton leather bag. Isn’t it gorgeous?

What do you think about this look? If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to write in the comment section.

Have a nice week!

Pants : OVI

Shirt: Julian L♥ve

Handbag: Louis Vuitton

High heels: Spring

EV (57 of 136).jpg

EV (74 of 136).jpg


EV (50 of 136).jpg

EV (65 of 136).jpg

Photographer: Eduardo Veras








Classy in 2017



Happy new year everyone! I hope you have enjoyed this beautiful time with your beloved ones! This is a new year full of new experiences and excitement for what is coming. It is a new page, a new beginning. It is also an especial occasion to recapitulate what we had accomplished and what we are going to do to keep learning and growing.
Last year experienced so many changes, I learned to be more independent, confident and to overcome my fears, but most important of all, I could see the hands of God in every good and bad situation I faced. I could see how God had refined me to become what He wants me to be little by little and how I got to know so many beautiful people with a big heart. It was a year of blessings.
Even though some people had a difficult year, I see how it prepares the way to embrace and make the most of 2017. A way to make the most of this year is setting goals that can help us become the person we’ve always wanted to be.
As I set personal goals, I have learned it is important to considerate some things, such as:
-Spiritual growth
-Citizenship and social skills
-physical growth
And… it is always good to see our everyday progress, that will motivate us to enjoy the journey.
On the other hand, I want to share with you this beautiful look that I LOVE. ! I love how this beautiful black lace top matches this flawless red wine skirt. I love how classy and elegant it is. I love the definition of classy, it shows how sure you are that you are valuable as a woman without revealing everything, it is being confident in who you are and how you can use your best qualities in your favor.

What do you think about the whole outfit? xoxo

Earrings: GLOBO

Top: Maison Coupé


Shoes: Sofia Vergara







PHOTOGRAPHER  Maria Fernanda Valdivia

Gone with the wind





This week I am sharing this dress that I really love.It transmit a message of freedom. Its flared skirt makes it easy to walk.  Is such a comfortable attire!  What I love about this exotic dress is that  focuses in something very uncommon, dramatic and sweet. This exotic style is mysterious  and intriguing. I love the little details the fabric has as little mosaics, flowers, circles and strong colors all mixed. I added a pale choker to add curiosity and simplicity to this look.

Inspired by this beautiful dress, this week’s article is about freedom . I want to start telling you that last week I was reading a book that talks about the chains that may tie up our being. It is like parts of us have little monsters filled with negative energy (those are the chains) and are made to wrap the good on us. Have you ever feel the desire to do something but suddenly those chains appear ready to bind in such way that we are not capable enough to be completely free? Has it happened to you before?

Something interesting about the “chains” that we may feel in our lives is that they (the chains) give us the opportunity to empower ourselves to grow more than we think, and to break them in very little pieces until we are able to discover new places, new possibilities and opportunities. Freedom gives us peace, happiness and innovation.

I believe in the things are created to act and things to be acted upon. We can choose  one of those probabilities. I mean, all your actions lead you to the path you are acting on, and freedom is actually our ability to choose how to respond to any events that happen to us. We can look for some good in everything that happen in our life, or we can become haunted by what is bad.  What do I want to say with this?  Is that freedom implies responsibility, responsibility of our acts.

I hope you like it!

Dress: Pure Hype

High heels:  Chase&Chloe

Choker: From a store near my house.


Esta semana les muestro un vestido que me fascina. El vestido envía un mensaje de libertad. Su falda es amplia haciendo que sea mas fácil caminar. Es un atuendo tan cómodo! Lo que me encanta sobre este exótico vestido es que se enfoca en lo que no es común, dulce, pero dramático al mismo tiempo. Este estilo exótico es misterioso e intrigante. Me encantan los pequeños detalles de la tela, los mosaicos, pequeñas flores y los fuertes colores todos mezclados. Añadí al atuendo una gargantilla para que transmitiera curiosidad y simplicidad al atuendo.

Inspirada en este vestido el artículo de esta semana es en cuanto a la libertad. La semana pasada estuve leyendo un libro (como ya ven, me encante leer) que habla sobre las cadenas que atan nuestro ser. Es como si en cada uno de nosotros habitaran pequeños monstruos llenos de energía negativa (esas son las cadenas de las cuales me refiero) que están hechas para envolver lo bueno que hay en nosotros y nos impiden accionar. Alguna vez has tenido el deseo hacer algo pero repentinamente esas ”cadenas” aparecen para amarrarnos de una forma en que no somos capaces de salir o de sentirnos completamente libres? Alguna vez te ha pasado?

Algo interesante en cuanto a las “cadenas”que podemos sentir en nuestra vida es que  si las enfrentamos nos dan la oportunidad de fortalecernos, de crecer mas de lo que nos imaginamos, hasta darnos la oportunidad de descubrir nuevos horizontes, nuevas posibilidades, nuevas oportunidades.  Esa libertad que nos renueva nos da paz y felicidad.

Creo en que en la vida hay cosas que actúan y otras sobre sobre las cuales se actúan. Y somos libres para  elegir que seremos, actuaremos o seremos pasivos?. Todas nuestras acciones nos dirigen por el camino que deseamos transitar.

Podemos enfocarnos en las cosas positivas que existen aun en lo malo, o podemos quedarnos lamentándonos por esas cosas malas que suceden  . Que quiero decir con esto? Que tenemos libertad para decidir nuestro camino, Pero esta libertad  implica responsabilidad, la responsabilidad de elegir correctamente.

Vestido: Pure Hype

Tacones: Chase&Chloe

Gargantilla:  Lo compre en una tienda cerca de mi casa.


EV (100 of 136).jpg


EV (12 of 18).jpg

Photographer: Eduardo Veras


Work with the heart



I would love to talk about something that has been on my mind for a couple of days. I believe God has given gifts and talents to each one of us. Those skills make us capable to help others and to contribute to do good in this world. I can say each one of us has an inner desire to achieve greatness and mastery, but most of us decide to let fear take control over us. There is a quote by Robin Sharma (my favorite motivational speaker) that says,”Stop being fearful to become powerful.”  Being powerful means to always take your life to the next level. We do so by working on daily improvements that leads us to stunning results.

I remember one day my mom and I went to a cake convention, and there were masterpieces of cakes all decorated, and perfectly done. My mom and I had the opportunity to meet some of the masters of cake decoration, and important pastry chefs. My mom was so excited to learn from all of them, and one of her favorite pastry chef told her, “If you want to become the best at what you do, devote yourself to be fantastic at one thing.”  That phrase penetrated my heart.  That can be related to whatever we want to accomplish.  We must be focused on that great desire of our hearts and work every day to achieve it, and that will leads us to success.  Meaningful work will help us to be the best version of ourselves.

I got the opportunity to collaborate with ZBGlamFashion store, it is placed in Bella Terra Mall in Santiago D.R.,and I am going to show you a couple of pictures with an outfit that I really like.  This outfit is perfect for work and formal occasions. I fell in love with those high wasted black pants, it makes me feel that I have endless legs! If you feel you have short legs, high wasted pants are going to be your best friends 😉   The girl from the store and I were looking for something flashy and fun, so we decided to combine this beautiful look with a bright pink jacket, that transmits life and sweetness.

What do you think about this look? If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Have a nice weekend! xoxo

All Clothing from ZBGlamFashion

Me encantaria hablar sobre algo que ha estado navegando por mi cabeza en estos ultimos dias. Yo creo que Dios nos ha dado dones y talentos a cada uno de nosotros. Esas habilidades nos hacen capaces de ayudar a otros y hacer un mundo mejor. Puedo decir que cada uno de nosotros tiene un deseo interior de lograr la excelencia y control en nuestras vidas, pero la mayoria de nosotros deja que el miedo se apodere de nosotros y nos impide accionar. Hay una frase de Robin Sharma (mi orador motivacional favorito) que dice: ” Deja de ser miedoso para llegar a ser poderoso”. Poderoso en el sentido de siempre llevar nuestra vida al siguiente nivel. Llegamos a hacerlo cuando trabajamos en nuestro perfeccionamiento diario que nos guiara a impresionante resultados.

Recuerdo una vez que fui con mi madre a una exposicion de tortas, ahí habian obras de arte en tortas, bien decoradas y perfectamente elaboradas. Nosotras tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer importantes personalidades del mundo de la pasteleria y uno de los chefs con quien tuvimos el placer de conversar aconsejo a mi madre: “Si quieres destacar en este mundo, especializate en algo, se excepcionalmente buena en eso que elegiste y llevalo a su maximo potencial”. Esa frase penetro mi corazon y es mi consejo para ti hoy, busca eso que realmente te apasiona y llevalo a su maximo potencial.  Debes mantenerte enfocado(a) en eso que realmente  deseas y trabajar diariamente para hacerlo realidad. La diligencia es el camino, para alcanzar el exito. Haz que tu vida sea extraordinaria.

En esta ocasion tuve la oportunidad de colaborar con la tienda ZBGlamFashion, que esta ubicada en una plaza llamada Bella Terra en Santiago R.D., y les voy a mostras algunas fotos de este atuendo que tanto me gusta. Es perfecto para el trabajo y ocasiones formales. Me enamore de estos pantalones de cintura alta, me hacen sentir que mis piernas son infinitas! Si crees que tienes piernas cortas, los pantalones de cintura alta seran tu mejor amigo. La chica de la tienda y yo estabamos buscando  algo llamativo y divertido, entonces, decidimos combinar el atuendo con una chaqueta rosada que le daba vida y dulzura.

Que piensas en cuanto a este atuendo? Si tienen algun comentario o pregunta, no duden en hacerlas!

Que tengan un buen fin de semana! xoxo

Toda la ropa es de ZBGlamFashion



Photographer Eduardo Veras

Welcome to paradise


In the first place, these past weeks has been very very busy! I am sorry it took so long for this post! There are so many things I want to share with you!

First of all, my friends and I decided to  go on vacation, kind of a domestic tourism. Living in a island with so many beautiful places to go, we chose to go to Punta Cana. Have you heard about this place before? It’s one of the most touristic destination since 1970’s. Punta Cana is part of the Punta Cana-Bábaro-Veron-Macao municipal district, in the municipality of Higüey, in La Altagracia Province, the easternmost province of my beautiful country Dominican Republic.

I have had the opportunity to visit other beaches in other countries, and I can tell you, Punta Cana has some of the best beaches in the world. Can you imagine yourself in the fine white sand touching your feet, feeling the sweet Caribbean breeze, and letting yourself dive in to the greenish blue ocean… Doesn’t it sounds like paradise?

My friends and I had one of the best experiences in that trip. We met new people, places, we danced (a lot) ,and I think that what I liked the most was watching the sunrise in the beach with them. One of my friends brought a big sheet to sleep in the beach while waiting for the sunrise (If one of us wanted to take a nap). We were so focused on living the moment and having so much fun that we actually didn’t take too much pictures.

I can say that we find pure happiness when we share the good that is inside us with others. It is like seeing further of only our needs and making other people’s life better. I feel so blessed to have so amazing friends! I just want you to remember something, you attract what you are, and if you want you life to be better, you to start with yourself.

Talking about the look, I just wanted to feel comfortable, I did not pay attention to what I was wearing, but something that cannot miss when I am on vacation are sunglasses, a hat and a good book of course.

Have a nice day! xoxo

Ante todo , he estado tan ocupada ultimamente! Siento tanto por tomar tanto tiempo para este post! Hay tanta cosas que quiero compartir con ustedes!

Para empezar, mis amigas y yo decidimos vacacionar un poco, algo asi como hacer turismo interno. Ya que vivimos en una isla con tantos hermosos lugares para visitar, decidimos ir a Punta Cana. Han escuchado hablar de ese lugar?  Es uno de los lugares más turísticos desde 1970. Punta Cana esta hubicada en la provincia La Altagracia, la más oriental de República Dominicana.

He tenido la oportunidad de visitar otras playas en otros países y puedo decirles que Punta Cana tiene una de las mejores playas del mundo. Podrían imaginarse en la fina arena blanca tocando tus pies, sintiendo la suave brisa Caribeña mientras se sumergen en el océano azul verdoso? No les suena a algo llamado paraíso?

Mis amigas y yo tuvimos unas de las mejores experiencias en ese viaje. Conocimos nuevas personas, nuevos lugares, bailamos (muchísimo), y creo que lo que más me gusto de todo eso fue amanecer en la playa con ellas mientras esperábamos el amanecer. Una de mis amigas incluso llevó a la playa una larga sábana mientras esperábamos el amanecer (y también por si una quedaba dormida). Estábamos tan enfocadas en vivir el momento que realmente no tomamos muchas fotos.

Puedo decirles que encontramos la felicidad pura cuando compartimos con otros lo bueno que tenemos dentro. Es como ver más allá de nuestras propias necesidades para hacer que la vida de otros sea mejor. Eso lo pude sentir con ellas.  Me siento  bendecida de tener amigas tan increíbles! Sólo quiero recordarles algo;  nosotros atraemos lo que somos, y si quieren que nuestra vida sea mejor, primero tenemos que empezar cambiando nosotros mismos.

Hablando del look, yo solo queria estar cómoda y no presté atención a lo que estaba usando, pero algunas cosas que nunca me pueden faltar cuando salgo de vacaiones son unos lentes de sol, un sombrero y un buen libro por supuesto.

Que tengan un hermoso dia! xoxo








This last picture was taken a couple of month ago.

Photography  Elynel Dominguez





Embrace the Orange


Before anything else, I want to thank all of you for your support! It is a pleasure for me to be able to get connected to each one of you. It is amazing how we can get closer to people from all around the world!  What I wish is that you can escape from your routine, and that you can find something inspirational as well. There is a Quote from Oprah that says “You become what you believe. You are where you are today in your life based on everything you have believed “. I think we are the captains of our own ship in life. If there is something you have been thinking to do in your life, just do it! If you have it in your mind is because you can accomplish it.

I am so happy to share with you this beautiful look. I am wearing a one-piece orange clothing. What I love about  orange color is that it communicates energy and personality. The orange as an exotic color, calls the attention of others. It is obvious that when someone is dressed in orange in a crowd, he or she is going to be noticed.Don’t you think?  Even though I love that color, I have to be careful because my skin turns kind of  orange as well, that is why I am wearing a formal jacket to contrast the color, isn’t it gorgeous?    I love  all the details it has.

One-piece: Lucy Paris

jacket: Roly Poly

High heels:  I bought it at Payless

Have a nice day! xoxo

Antes que nada quiero agradecerles por todo el apoyo! Es un placer para mi el llegar a estar conectada con todos ustedes. Es increíble como todos podemos llegar a estar conectados con personas alrededor del mundo! Lo que quiero mas que nada es que  puedan salir de su rutina y encontrar en este sitio algo que les inspire. Hay una frase que me gusta mucho de Oprah que dice “Te conviertes en aquello que crees. Estas donde estas, basado en todas las cosas que has creído”. Creo que nosotros somos los capitanes de nuestro propio barco en la vida. Si hay algo en lo que ustedes han estado pensando hacer en tu vida, solo háganlo! Si han tenido esos pensamientos es porque lo pueden hacer realidad.

Estoy tan feliz de compartir este hermoso look! Estoy usando un enterizo color naranja. Lo que más me gusta del color naranja es que comunica energía y personalidad. El color naranja llama mucho la atencion al ser tan exótico. Es obvio que cuando alguien esta vestido en naranja, sobresale del grupo. No crees?  A pesar de que me encanta ese color, tengo que tomar en cuenta el hecho de que me veo con la piel naranja cuando uso ese tipo de color, y es por eso que elegí usar una chaqueta que contraste con el naranja, no es hermosa la chaqueta? Me encantan todos los detalles que tiene.

Enterizo: Lucy Paris

Chaqueta: Roly Poly

Tacones: Los compre en Payless

Que tengan un hermoso dia! xoxo